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                                                                                                                                             Marcus S.

                Time management is an essential skill of a truly successful person. Being able to prioritize what work needs to be done when is going to make your life a much easier one. However, keeping yourself always organized is a piece of really hard labour and not everyone is up to the challenge. At first, it takes a lot of motivation to actually develop self-discipline and at the same time you must be really good at planning.

College is all about managing your work and time. Your to-do list will sometimes be truly enamours and the time to do it… well, not so much. If before all it took was just to figure out when to do what, now you have to actually decide what tasks are worth spending days working on and what are just a waste of time. And what should you do with those you have no time for? Ignoring them might lead to a low grade, and you certainly don’t want that. On the other hand, trying to do them all might lead to the drop in quality of all your papers since now you don’t have enough time to work on those you actually see point in doing. So how do you get around all this?

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